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the front moved through. we are bringing wet weather and cold conditions and breezy conditions and fog. that's about it. let's talk about what is going on, this morning, we need the rain gear and coat, we can see the heaviest rain, coming in northern baltimore county, the lighter rain around the eastern shore, centerville, greens borrow, denton, easton, federalsburg, dry for the morning, you are getting in on the wet weather this morning, the heaviest rain around keyny, mill woods walker manor, pretty boy garth, to the north, traveling that way, along in to york, or along in to emmitsville and also dallas town, shrewsberry, you are going to be running in to the heavier rainfall this morning, temperature wise, coming in at 39 degrees with the fog, 50 in chester, 40 columbia this morning. as we go through throughout the day. temperatures chilly. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >> good morning, in addition to
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the rain and the fog, dealing with a water main break, mount vernon, it happened yesterday and impacting traffic. traffic is getting by, madison street. make a left to gillford and take that downtown, you will want to expect delays as we look here, in mount vernon, notice repairs are going to be underway, this is 30 inches it's going pact traffic for a while. it's not a problem that's going to go right away. we are dealing with another water main break from yesterday, that's impacting traffic on north charles street, between north avenue and 21st street, calvert, 83, best routes to avoid the water main break delays. traveling on 695, traffic picking up in parkville, as you travel the outer loop, 95 up to 83, 12 minute ride, inner loop, nice and clear, down to 95, here is what the beltway looks like on the west side, liberty road, 13 minute ride on the outer loop, 795, down to 95,
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watchout for an accident in owings mills on owings mills at doll field road. everything up to speed, traveling through the fort mc henry, 8 minutes from the beltway to the toll plaza. cia sex scandal grew larger on a flight to australia, leonpy net taannounced investigation in to the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, john allen is accuse of inappropriate communications with sociolite jill kelly. he name came to light during the weekend, she told the fbi i abuse a harassing email sent by broadwell and set off a chain of events. >> fbi, they call ate preliminary -- it a preliminary investigation. that really caused them to take it all the way through to see what they had. >> pentagon found tens of thousands of emails and
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documents exchanged between allen and kelly. the nomination is on hold. man suspected in rape cases all along the east coast is expected to plead guilty to an attack. the hearing is set this morning and happening in prince william county in virginia. thomas is charged with abducting three teenage trick or treaters back in 2009 and raping two of them. he is believed to be responsible for attacks on 17 women, since 1977. opening statementses are expected today in the trial of a former buoy state university student who was charged with killing her roommate. simpson is abused of killing phraseer in september of 2011. authorities say simpson stabbed phraser during an argument over loud music.
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this woman ran down her boyfriend or husband in the parking lot in gilbert. we saw it. >> hang on just a second. >> he needs help. >> a woman faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon, her husband is recovering in the hospital, he has serious internal injuries. abc2 news is working for you this morning, parents, this is something you need to know if your child has a smart phone, you want to monitor their on line activity follow who they call and check out who they send messages to and who could be sending them something important. something like, a texting app turns out that you can text outside the phone's messaging feature. >> parents aren't aware of them. the kids are using applications to basically communicate in a manner that their parents will never know about because most parents don't go through every
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single app. >> the messages don't go to the same place that the usual text messages do. unless you are looking for it you may not find it. the most common are text free, text now and text plus. retired state trooper takes on a robber and it's caught on camera. a thief walked in to the chrome dairy and deli, pulled a gun and demanded money. the trooper was in the store and he jumped on the robber and wrestled the handgun away. >> trooper is a hero. that's what i'm trying to say. i told a lot of people. he is the guy who saved my wife's life and everybody's life. >> the trollers thinking kept everyone safe and the robber got away with the cash. >> holiday shopping is kicking off earlier this year, and not everyone is happy about the change. >> some employees are protesting target's plan to begin offering black friday deals on thursday.
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target says opening up at 9:00 on thanksgiving, provides an after dinner shopping events for the family. and on line, employees are arguing that it takes the values away. on, a employee from california started a petition, to quote save thanksgiving for the family. around 150,000 people signed it in support. >> it's a family time, how far are we going to go for retail and commercialism. >> there is an appetite for shopping and it's becoming earlier and earlier. >> other stores are starting black friday sales on thanksgiving. they include toys r us, wal- mart and old navy. >> american music awards is coming up, we got the line up. >> we sure do. we will find out if your favorite stars are performing who, is going to be on stage for the show? w=!nño
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the line up has been announced for the 40á9 anniversary of the american music awards. >> the show will be broadcast live on november 18th, pop sensation, of course, the bieber is going to be there sp kelly clark zonks they have just been added to the lineup. >> they are going to join a looping list of entertainers, -- long list of entertainers,
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taylor swift and nicki minaj. they will be select bid on line voting. justin timberlake and jessica biel were handing out backpacks. they exchanged vows in italy last month and returned to the u.s. after honeymooning in tanzania.
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well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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we begin with a changing forecast, and lynette charles. >> we are dealing with rain out there this morning, also colder temperatures, we have the winds out there, maryland's most powerful radar is wet, we will see improvement in to the afternoon. heading out the door, don't forget the umbrella or the heavy coat. 40 in clarksville, 45 goldsboro, shady side 42, with the winds northwest, 5- 15, feeling like the 30s this morning. this is for your planner throughout the days we will stay breezy and cool in to the afternoon, we will dry out by 3:00 under pac skies. crews are working to repair a broken water main, in mount vernon. linda so is live this morning, how is it looking? you have been out there all morning. >> reporter: a lot of progresses they are using the
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equipment to take out the extra debris and make room for this new section of pipe they will be bringing in. this is the 30-inch main that broke yesterday morning. homes and businesses lost water. mercy had to deal with low water pressure and the fourth water main break if two weeks, a sign of the aging infrastructure, water mains like this one could date back to the 1800s, dpw says it's in the beginning stages to speed up water main it replaces through the year. to the left over here, traffic for the commute and in an effort to alleviate the congestion, they opened up the gillford avenue exit off of 83, when you are heading down on madison avenue, you can take a left on gillford to head downtown, they are doing that to alleviate the congestion. repairs undergoing on madison, hoping to have the water main
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repaired soon. live in mount vernon, linda so, abc2 news. this is going to effect commuters trying to get out today. >> let's take you near mount vernon. over to loren cook, with how to get around it. >> you will want to expect congestion this morning, water main break shut down madison street for a while, it has re- opened to traffic, you can take that, make a left to head downtown, 83, a good option, no delays now on the jfx, from the beltway, downtown, the tunnels will be in great shape, if you are traveling on the beltway, this is on the west side, rain drops in the camera, liberty, no delays, 13 minute ride on the outer loop, 795 to 95, a crash in owings mills, owings mills, doll field road. this is 83, up in hunt valley, no problems driving from shawan all the way down to the bellway. a look at the time saver
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traffic. over to you. accusations of sexual misconduct by a police officer. >> the alleged incident happened during the weekend involving a 13 year city police veteran and 18-year-old woman. >> sherrie johnson is live at police headquarters with more on the story. >> city police commissioner anthony bats was sworn in last week and already he is in investigating a officer misconduct case. this has to do with 39-year-old officer elliot simon, he worked out of the north western district, he has been with the department for 13 years. now he is facing possible criminal charges in connection with an incident involving an 18 year old woman. commissioner bats used the testimony sexual misconduct in a news conference and said the crime occurred while officer simon was on duty. it could indicate that the 18- year-old woman had been detained by the officer when some kind of sex act happened. police would not confirm that, the city state's attorneys
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office started to look in to the case to decide whether criminal charges should be filed. >> i have no tolerance for officers that violate the public trust. the agency will most host a conference, on the military vee rans jailed. back in 2002 the department of justice reported that veterans accounted for roughly 10% of the nation's jail and prison population. those are the recent numbers in november that were available. the group plans to discuss veterans courtses reentreservices and other things like suicide prevention. where you live may have a huge impact on your health. today senator ben card listen be talking about a report that details this. the health inequities in baltimore city. the report shows people living in baltimore's lower income
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neighborhoods had worse health outcomes than those in for affluent areas. it offers a numb of policy strategys with the addressed to the issue. many parents believe their chin need a trip to the eye doctor if they complain of consistent headaches. children may not need glasses at all. there is no major link between kids headaches and vision problems. the most common cause of headaches includes viral or upper respiratory infections, family or school problems or a head injury from playing. consumer news this morning, we have to recall -- jimmy dean issued a recall of french toast and sausage sandwich. they may contain egg and soy. people allergic could have serious or life threatening reactions if they eat the sandwich. its been issued for a numb of states including maryland. take a live look at the
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u.s. capital. it's back to business today for members of the house and senate, main focus will be how to avoid the so called fiscal cliff. if nothing is done before the end of the year, we will face tax increases and deep spending cuts.
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airlines are enforcing policies for passengers who can't fit in the standard seat. overweight flyers can be prevented from boarding. they point to safety and comfort. some are calling the rules of the air unfair. no more odd days or even days for drives getting gas in new jersey. it ended at 6:00. chris christie said the supplies are plentiful and no need for drivers to line up for fuel. he started the rationing after sandy struck some of the areas gas stations and couldn't get fuel while others didn't have electricity to pump the gas. rationing is if effect in new york and long island as well. >> governor martin o'malley will be talking energy and giving opening remarks of
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utility regulators and expected to discuss a report released last month to make the states electric distribution system stronger against big storms. we are getting more and more cold winter season is finally here, lynette, what did you do yesterday? did you have a light switch? >> i pushed the coal front through with my bare hands. the rain, the cold weather and the breezy conditions, mailed's most powerful radar, picking up on moderate rain around carroll county, baltimore county and sliding towards the east, elkton, cecil, getting in on the action through the rest of the morning. then we will see a break in the action, that's what we like to see through time. manchester, outdoors, you are seeing cloud cover, and wet roadways this morning, bel air, more of the same there, clouds, and this will continue through the morning hours and we will see changes i would say around
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2:00, 3:00, that's when conditions will begin to improve. we welcome at temperatures this morning and we are on the chilly side, 39 degrees in reisterstown, 41 glen burnie, bel air 40, ijamsville 40. 45 denton this morning. we have the winds, gusts up to about 28 glen burnie and 30 chesapeake beach. 29 bel air, it's making it feel colder this morning. that 32 bel air, that's what you need to dress for this morning, high pressure going to build in behind the cold front, much colder air, see the snow to the north, around the great lakes we won't get any snow, we will see plenty of sunshine in to tomorrow. that trend will continue in through time. today the temperature 50 degrees. 32 tonight and the seven-day forecast looks like this. as we will see 48 by wednesday, temperatures stay below average. let's get a check of the traffic with loren cook. good morning, in addition to the rain and fog, we are dealing with the water main
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break in mount vernon, expect delays in the neighborhood. now, madison street has re- opened, you are able to take that and make a left on to gillford and straight downtown. a live look here on madison, repairs are underway, no word on when this main will be fixed. they have a tremendous amount of progress this morning. expect delays, the off ramp, 83, gillford, has been re- opened. now, there are no delays on the jfx. if you are traveling on the beltway, west side, rain drops on the camera, liberty road. no significant delays traveling to 95, this is what it looks like parkville, harford road. picking up on the outer loop, 14 minute ride from 95, up toel 83, for those of you in howard county, a crash on 70, westbound lanes at marriottsville road. >> you heard of celebrities
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belt out the star spangled banner at sporting events. knot can go come pay to this little guy's little rendition of the spar spangled banner. he knows the words more than most adults. this is corbin, he learned the song from his mother who sang it to him when he was a baby. she uploaded the video to thank american troops for veterans day. what a nice tribute. >> carl lewis, chris tia aguilera and another celebrity who messed up the words. >> row words.
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